Car park Clock Digitalization

You are invited to shape the future of mobility together with us!

Deutsche Bahn, Germany will publish over a period of time new real time API’s to provide you and the Open Data Community access to our data to shape the future of mobility with us.

We are excited to develop innovative solutions for our customers of the Deutsche Bahn, Germany together with you! Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are happy to hear from you and receive your valuable feedback regarding our API’S, the developer portal as well as all the exciting projects you will build on top of it. You can find us on Twitter: @dbopendata or contact us via email:

Please note that the API’s and the developer portal complete our portfolio of the Open Data Portal, The data is, in respect of their open licensed terms, in general free accessible and will be for the future. Some APIs may use different licensing, which may be specified in the description of such APIs. We are looking forward to extend our API offer for you in the near future.